About Callcap

Callcap was founded in 2001 as the first call measurement company to provide real-time complete caller data and a recording of the call. Since then, we have continued to innovate new and useful products & services designed to help you regain control of your company.

We got tired of being on hold.

Prior to 2001, call tracking technology consisted of tablets and tally sheets. Ad tracking was as precise as asking a new customer “So, how did you hear about us?”

Needless to say, there was room for improvement.

Callcap was founded in 2001 by two developers with a passion for innovation. David Keeton and Sunny Smith began their business in the unfinished second floor office space of a friend's electrical company. The concept was to do peg count call tracking based on PBX and C program technology to allow customers to precisely gauge exactly how many calls each of their phone lines were receiving and consequently redirect their marketing dollars to the most profitable advertising ventures. After many gruesome 100+ hour workweeks under cheap fluorescent lighting, Callcap was born, becoming the first call measurement company to provide real-time complete caller data while including a recording of the phone call.

Starting with the Yellow Pages industry and local sales efforts, Callcap began expanding quickly. After achieving local presence in Kansas City, Jacksonville, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, Callcap went national and even into Canada. As quickly as our client base grew, so did our suite of features and innovations.

Callcap is the founder and industry leader in revenue reclamation services. In 2004, Callcap paved the way for call evaluation services with its ListenCenter technology, and, in 2006, established Callsurance as the only real-time call evaluation service offered by a call measurement company. Offering business owners a second chance at revenue opportunities, and a last line of defense to recover calls that would otherwise be lost to competitors, is what sets Callcap apart from other call tracking and reporting services.

Our Tier IV self-managed data center


We've come a long way from a couple of guys working from a poorly lit cement office, with a full staff to manage technology and customer service. Additionally, Callcap hosts our own 2000 square foot Tier IV data center. Our client base includes Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, with clients in several industries including service, sales, marketing, and call centers.

Callcap, as a company, now owns and operates over 40,000 local and toll free numbers, with at least 26,000 of those being active at any given time and the rest kept in the pool of available numbers for customers. We add new numbers to the pool daily.

Tens of thousands of calls are tracked and monitored by the Callcap system every day, and 70% of those calls are recorded and saved - generally between 25,000 and 30,000 a day. Additional daily company activities include maintenance and management of client calls with the Callsurance call evaluation service, where 3000-4000 calls a day are evaluated individually by trained call analysts.

Callcap has the ability to purchase numbers from multiple providers, as well as terminate numbers across multiple carriers. The company currently provides services nationwide and has been growing at a rate of between 3-5% monthly since its origination.

The Callcap building, right off of Historic Douglas Street in Downtown Wichita, KS


Callcap is now the preeminent call capture, call tracking, call evaluation and reporting service on the planet, utilizing proprietary technology and business methods which are designed, developed, and managed in-house.

The Callcap Service is brought to the marketplace through a combination of direct sales, resellers and business partnerships.

Beyond providing call tracking, measurement and evaluation services, we have continued to push the envelope and expand our reporting, telephony and business integration technologies to levels never dreamed possible. Our passion is designing unique services tailored for specific vertical markets.

Callcap of Wichita and families 2012 Company Picnic at Fulton Valley Farms

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