Hurricane Sandy Already Affecting Businesses

October 26, 2012

According to CNNMoney, even before Hurricane Sandy causes any significant property damage, she is already costing billions of dollars to businesses as they are forced to shut down along the storm’s predicted path. Those that can are working from home, and waiting to see what kind of reconstruction their store or office will need to be up and running again after Sandy has made her way through. The downtime from incoming revenue has already begun.

What do you do when destructive weather conditions prevent your customers from being able to interact with your business?

Callcap offers you the opportunity to avoid totally shutting down business activity due to unpredictable forces of nature. When bad weather hits and your office phone lines are impaired, or you cannot physically reach your business, you have the ability to log in to your Callcap account remotely and REDIRECT your numbers to your home or cellular phone. You won't miss one incoming sales lead due to storm destruction, and certainly won't mind fielding customers from your competitors while they try to repair their own damaged phone lines.

Natural disasters happen… business disasters don’t have to.

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