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With Callcap, you have complete insight into all of your customer interactions over the phone.

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Local & toll-free numbers

When you need a phone number, you don't want to wait. Choose from our large inventory of local and toll-free numbers and they work instantly.

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Listen to your customers

With recordings available anytime, anywhere, you can really listen to your customers to identify training opportunities, reward employee performance, and know exactly what a customer needs.

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Discover what drives marketing success

Online and offline, know exactly which marketing sources drive business and which ones don't. Track individual print media or track website visitors to phone calls to see how keywords, Adwords, social networks and pages become callers.

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Monitor customer experiences and sales

Go beyond tracking phone calls and start tracking actual conversions to see your true ROI. Real-time alerts with detailed notes and scorecards give you deep insights into your phone calls to make good decisions.

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Resolve issues & recover customers

With immediate alerts, we give you the information you need to resolve a potential customer's issues and win back their business. When you show someone you care about their needs you win a customer for life.

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Connect with your customers

Keep in touch with your customers, keep an eye on the results, and keep them in the loop with recorded outbound calls and automated voice surveys, appointment reminders, notifications, and specials.

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