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Boost profitability with optimized marketing and improved customer service.

Every phone call is a chance to increase your company’s profitability with optimized marketing and improved customer experience. Our features scale with your business in order to help your business reach and achieve your goals.

Track & Correct Your Marketing Budget

With call tracking, you can precisely identify the ROI of every one of your marketing pieces, so you’re not wasting precious budget dollars. Our solutions give you data you can use to maximize every dollar you’ve invested in advertising.

  • Stop wasting your budget on failing ads. Find out which of your pieces are getting the point across and which are falling flat by adding unique call tracking numbers to all of your collateral—print, web, out-of-home, and beyond. When a potential customer calls, you’ll know exactly which ad attracted them, and you can implement those effective pieces elsewhere. Conversely, you can use call tracking numbers to find out which of your pieces don’t work, so you can adjust them or stop using them altogether.
  • Hold marketing vendors accountable for results.
  • Learn which online search terms and referring sites generate the most offline conversion. When you add a dynamic phone number to your landing page, each phone number that displays is tied directly to a visitor. When we see a call to that phone number we connect it to the website visitor. Then you see the organic search terms, paid search information, and complete referrer for each visitor that ends up calling. This lets you make decisions based on actual conversions, not just clicks. (Leaving this note: web analytic call tracking)
  • Learn who took the next step because of your marketing. Not only will you be able to tell who responded to your online and offline marketing pieces, you’ll also be able to see which pieces of your marketing struck a cord that led to actual sales or appointments.

Get The Truth About Employee Performance

With call recording and call evaluation, you can find out exactly how your employees act and what they say to customers when you’re not in the room.

  • Limit your liability by ensuring employees are following protocol. With call recording, you will get the information that can help you identify and follow up with employees who are straying from the team goals. With scorecards, you can drill down into every call and find out how your employees are handling key points of a conversation.
  • Get unbiased data about if employees are closing deals, booking appointments, and solving customers’ problems—the analytics will tell you who is succeeding, who is coasting, and who may need extra training or coaching. When you have proof about employees’ successes, you can make changes that result in increased revenue.
  • Learn who’s following up and who’s falling short. Unbiased reports and alerts tell you which of your employees are following up with customers to fix unresolved issues. You’ll know who’s saving customers and who’s letting customers go to the competition.

Create A Climate Of Exceptional Customer Experience

With call recording and evaluation, you’ll get a clear picture of your employees’ actions, so you can make sure your reputation and perception aren’t scaring away potential customers (or frustrating the customers you already have).

  • Prove your team met customers’ needs. With recorded calls, you’ll have proof your customers were satisfied with the resolution. You can use these recordings as benchmarks for your company’s goals and as tools to train employees on the preferred way to handle customer needs.
  • Call customers back if problems are unresolved, so those customers don’t go to your competition.  You’ll be able to see which issues come up most often and prepare your employees for them next time.
  • Remind customers of needed maintenance or upcoming appointments. Take the extra step to make sure your customers know you’re looking out for them even when there isn’t a problem.

Improve Your Business Outcomes

The data you get from call recording, tracking, and evaluation helps every aspect of your business. When you use our tools across your organization to implement, benchmark, and monitor your business strategy, you’ll see positive impacts that result in real savings and increased profit.

  • ROI tracking. Get granular data (ROI per advertising piece, source, or medium) as well as high-level data (whole-business ROI). See how everything leading to, and resulting from, your phone calls impacts your company outlook, and then use that data as evidence to make necessary changes.
  • Individual phone call level revenue tracking. Know which employees book the most actual revenue or make the most sales. Know which of your customers are worth the most.
  • See exactly how much revenue you’ve recovered by calling customers back and solving the issues that led to them not completing a sale. You can also see how much potential revenue you can add to your bottom line if you recovered all of your current missed opportunities.
  • Be prepared for legal situations with a phone call recording retention policy. If a customer is suing you, get the proof of their phone call conversation from your recorded calls.
  • Comply with your PCI requirements by removing credit card numbers from stored phone call recordings.
  • Keep your C-level executives up to date with automatic email reports, and live-updating dashboards.