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Call Monitoring

What’s really going on between your callers and your employees?

What is call monitoring?

Call monitoring (or call evaluation), is insight into how your business performs when it comes to phone lead conversions. With call monitoring, you’ll be able to earn more business and grow your revenue.

If you don’t know how your phone leads are converting into sales or why solid leads are hanging up without becoming customers, you’ll be stuck in the status quo forever. You won’t have insight into how well your company is meeting—and exceeding—customer expectations, and you won’t know what changes you need to make in order to make customers comfortable with purchasing from you.

Third party call monitoring gives you an unbiased view into every call. You will see if a phone lead converted to a sale, or if it was a solid lead that was blown, without any bias toward employees or customers. Most importantly, you will see why.

How does call monitoring work?

  1. A customer calls a business or marketing phone number.
  2. The call is answered by the company. Callcap records the call, saving important data about the caller and the call.
  3. As soon as the call ends, it goes into our Callsurance evaluation system. There, one of our trained analysts is assigned that phone call and listens to the recording looking for several key points in the conversation:
    • Which employee answered the phone?
    • What is the caller's name, address, and preferred phone number?
    • What is the caller's issue or need?
    • How did the customer service representative/agent address the issue or need?
    • Was this a purchase opportunity?
    • If it was a purchase, what specifically was purchased or agreed to?
    • If it was an opportunity but the caller didn't make a purchase decision, what went wrong?
    • If it was not an opportunity, what was the caller's purpose for calling? Was it a wrong number, telemarketer, or employee call?
  4. Once these questions are answered, the analyst updates the call and immediately any subscribed email notifications, such as negative alerts, are sent out. Reporting on the website is updated immediately, as well. If the account has add-ons—Scorecards, Catalogs, Enterprise CS—we will do these on the call at the same time.

Unlike other companies, our Callsurance monitoring service alerts you in near-real time when a potential buyer hangs up without a purchase, so you can quickly react to any issues you see. This allows management to be kept informed up-to-the-minute with opportunities to save sales. Custom alerts can be configured, so you always know what's going on. Whether one of your phone representatives was having a bad day or the client simply thought your pricing was off, you'll get notified and have a chance to fix it.

Your business needs a partner you can trust.

You get what you pay for when you invest in call monitoring. Callcap was founded on the idea that paying attention to what happens on your customer phone calls is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. Our focus on the customer is what makes Callcap stand out from other companies who claim to do call tracking or call monitoring.

Why Callcap is different:

  • Quality
    How good are the people you have grading your calls? We recently found a competitor who admits to using random internet users to grade calls. No training, no control, and little supervision. The system, and the quality, is a mess. At Callcap, you never have to worry about this: Our trained analysts are experts in call monitoring. It’s their only focus, so you can rest assured that your calls receive the attention and expertise they deserve.
  • Speed
    We offer industry-best times for processing and grading calls. A dedication to design and the most recent technology serves to optimize the call evaluation process by shaving off as much time as possible while staying accurate. Even our competitors are amazed at how fast we can do it, all while maintaining quality and without sacrificing attention to detail.
  • Experience
    We were the first call measurement company to provide real-time call monitoring, and we’ve been working on it continuously since 2006. We’re proud to serve all sizes of companies, from large national corporations to small local businesses, as an essential part of their business processes.
  • Customization
    Your business has unique priorities and processes, so we work with you (and all our partners) to develop the grading systems needed to get the data that will help you—we don't impose generic results on your business. We train our analysts using your criteria for evaluating calls. Our review process ensures that incorrect evaluations are fixed and prevented in the future. If necessary, we provide an escalation process to make sure you have the final call on any changes.
  • Humans
    We closely follow developments in machine learning and speech to text analysis, but we know that the technology is not there yet. When your business depends on this data, you shouldn't trust it to an algorithm that can't tell the difference between a sarcastic "Yeah, I'll get started on that," and an actual purchase intent. Callcap analysts are real people who can pick up on the subtleties of conversation and emotion in every call.

Create an excellent customer experience.

Your business lives and dies by your customers’ experiences. If your messaging doesn’t match your experience, if your employees don’t treat every customer as important, and if the cost of doing business with you exceeds the value perceived by customers then you lose money. Worse than that you can damage your reputation and prevent future customers from even calling. Our Callsurance call monitoring service will warn you when customer experiences are falling through the cracks and will highlight when things go great. Here’s how:

  • Take an unbiased look at employee performance. As your third-party partner, our concern is that your entire company is represented well by your employees. We’re dedicated to providing neutral, bias-free evaluations of your team, so you know what’s really going on. Your employees represent your business and so every customer should be treated as important. Make sure your employees remain respectful, professional, and driven to succeed.
  • Find training opportunities. Teach your employees how to react and what is expected from them on every call. Adjust your script to match real-world circumstances, and train your employees how to react to exceptional situations with actual recorded phone calls.
  • Make sure your messaging matches your experience. With Callsurance, you’ll find not just whether a sale was made or not—you’ll be informed of all of the specifics of the opportunity, like what sold and why a call didn’t convert. Are you advertising a special price nationally that some local franchises aren’t honoring? Is your local search ad showing up in a region you don’t serve? Are you still marketing a discontinued product or service? We can answer all of these questions for you so you can focus on matching your customer’s expectations.
  • Make sure your employees and your offerings justify your value proposition. How many times does a customer call in wanting to make a purchase but then they hang up without doing so? We can tell you. More importantly, we can also tell you why. Most often, the problem is that the price you ask is higher than the value perceived by the customer. You may need to lower some prices to match market rates more competitively, or you may need to do a better job of justifying the value you provide the customer. Knowing how often these situations play a factor in lost opportunities will let you make informed decisions about your business.

Learn your true marketing performance.

Call tracking shows you how many people respond to your marketing pieces. Call monitoring will show you which marketing pieces bring in the best responses - the people who make a purchase.

At a glance, you’ll be able to answer many questions:

“Do we get more bookings from the phone book or from Angie’s List?”

See which sources produce the most customers.

“Do more people buy from the 50% off coupon ad or from the buy-one-get-one ad?”

Determine which types of marketing campaigns and promotions work best.

“Should we use ad layout A or B? Does the new website design produce more purchases?”

Run A/B testing and multivariate testing. Anything that you can test, we can show you the results.

Increase your sales with real data and determine how much money is at stake on every call.

Beyond saving calls and helping you win more business, call monitoring is an essential part of your sales toolkit.

  • Call monitoring provides sales statistics on the sales representatives who handle your phone calls. Unbiased data shows you who is consistently making sales and who is consistently blowing them.
  • In addition to using call tracking to identify how many calls come in from an advertising campaign, you can also track the actual revenue each campaign or employee brings in. Then, you can use that information to modify your sales processes so the most effective calls become your new standard for business.
  • See how much money you've recovered by calling back lost opportunities by assigning revenue dollar values to each call.

Get a second chance to save a missed opportunity with real-time Callsurance.

When something goes wrong, how long does it take for your customer to hang up and call one of your competitors? It doesn’t take long at all, and with every minute that goes by it’s more likely that customer is lost for good. That’s why it’s critical to respond as fast as possible.

Our real-time Callsurance service stands out among call monitoring and evaluation products by empowering you to respond to customers in real-time. As soon as a customer hangs up the phone, we begin reviewing and classifying the missed opportunity. Immediately after our trained Analyst finishes reviewing the call, you’re alerted so that you can call back, address the customer’s issue, and get a second chance to win back your customer. On average, calls are reviewed within 12 minutes of the call ending and many of those have less than a 5 minute delay. That’s speed that no other call tracking company can match and it’s the only way to stop customers from moving on to one of your competitors.

Get down in the details with custom Scorecards for your calls.

Answer specific questions about each of your calls, so you can learn more about your customers, their reasons for calling, and how they are being treated by your employees. Scorecards are fully customizable, so you get only the information that matters to your business.

Scorecard use-cases

  • Auto Sales
    • We can mark what make, model, and year a customer is interested in buying and/or trading.
    • See trends in vehicle trade-ins. Do customers trading in Fords tend to buy another Ford or switch to Chevy? You can find out in your Scorecard breakdown.
  • Service Industries
    • Keep track of things like the manufacturer of equipment to be serviced and the specific category of problem the customer is experiencing.
    • Get a list of things you should let your technicians know ahead of time such as hours the customer will be home or if they have a pet in the backyard.
  • Loyalty and membership programs
    • Mark down whether a customer signed up for your loyalty or membership program on the call.
    • Find out how often existing members call in and what they call for.
  • Quality assurance scoring
    • Make sure your employees are following your script and treating customers with respect.
    • If needed, we can score employees on how well they follow your phone call script.
  • Agent disposition and demeanor
    • Want to make sure your employees greet every caller in a friendly manner? Do you have a required introduction for each phone call? We can score that.
    • How pleasant and polite are your employees on the phone? We can rate them and mark specific problems such as speaking in a monotone or disinterested voice, not saying “please” and “thank you” when needed, and even whether your employees show empathy for a customer’s problems.

Stay ahead of supply issues with Catalog item tracking.

Our Callsurance Analysts can listen for your own Catalog of items mentioned on calls. We can listen for part numbers, product codes, service categories, and more. Each item will be associated with a custom status such as Ordered, Backordered, Canceled, Returned, and Out-of-stock. Without any extra work on your part, you’ll be able to see what items are discussed on phone calls, which items are most in demand, and what items are out-of-stock or running low.

Catalog use-cases

  • Aircraft part servicing and orders
    • Track which aircraft models are experiencing increased service calls.
    • Know how often parts are needing replaced or repaired.
    • Make sure your inventory department stays on top of high demand parts.
  • Auto repairs and parts
    • Discover trends in repairs and part servicing to keep your customers informed.
    • Make sure backordered parts make it to the customer.
  • Retail sales
    • Expose seasonal trends in customer purchases.
    • Find out which products are being returned most often.

Eliminate the blame game and increase accountability with Enterprise Callsurance.

How often have you heard an employee say, “It’s not my fault!” when something goes wrong? What if you had an unbiased witness that could show you where the breakdown occurred?

With Enterprise Callsurance we evaluate each phone call from two perspectives:

  1. Did your Customer Service or Sales Representative provide a good customer experience?
  2. Did the appropriate department in your company fulfill the customer’s needs?

Enterprise Callsurance lets you assign the business outcome of each call to a department in your company, so you can separate how well your individual customer service representatives are performing from the business outcomes of the calls. This gives you department-by-department visibility and encourages employees to hold themselves accountable.

Customers are more than values in a spreadsheet, cultivate relationships.

Call Monitoring highlights your customer experiences and alerts you when they go bad. Taking your company to the next level involves a commitment to fixing those problems and saving those customers with our Customer Recovery solutions.

Then, connect with your customers by making their voice heard in Surveys, presenting useful offers, and sending important service reminders using our Customer Contact systems.

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