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Call Recording

Listen to your customers, anytime, anywhere.

How will recording your phone calls help your business?

Recording your phone calls will help you improve your company’s reputation and service, assist you with training your employees, and protect you from liabilities. We store all of your recorded calls as MP3s in the cloud, so you can listen, review, and use the findings to train your employees. You can listen anytime, anywhere, using any web-enabled device.

Call recordings give you the opportunity to listen to and review your first point of contact with your customers. You can use the information to train employees and improve contact methods. Learn directly from listening to your customers how they feel about your business and what may alienate them. You can even keep recordings around long-term to protect your company from legal actions.

How does call recording work?

With a recorded Callcap phone number, a customer calls in, and our servers answer. The server then makes a second call to your actual phone system and connects the two calls. Callcap sits in the middle, records the call, and makes it available to you without getting in the way of the conversation.

Access and share your calls from anywhere with the cloud.

Our web-based dashboard gives you an easy way to listen to and share every call you receive from anywhere. Call recordings are stored in the cloud, so they’re accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your calls are also shareable, so you can quickly send calls to team members.

Keep your recordings secure and PCI compliant.

Your calls are secure. At Callcap, all call recordings are secured behind our firewall and are equipped with redundant backups. As a customer, you are in control of who can listen to your recordings.

Stay compliant and keep the benefits of recorded calls. Taking credit cards and other sensitive information over the phone for services and transactions is a necessary part of business. However, regulations and compliance requirements (most notably the PCI security standards) mandate that credit card information can not be stored, or can only be stored in certain ways and for limited time. When using a phone number from Callcap, you can still have all the benefits of recording your phone calls while meeting compliance requirements. Stored call recordings won’t contain credit card data when you use either manual recording pausing (#Protect) or automated recording scrubbing (Protect+).

Learn more about recording security

Use recorded calls to train your entire team.

Whether you’re onboarding new hires or continuing the education of your employees, recorded calls are an essential training tool. They provide inexperienced and new employees a simulation of real-life customer interactions without the risk and pressure of losing a sale, upsetting a caller, or making a mistake.

Capitalize on business intelligence, and turn data points into purposeful, deliberate actions.

Use your recorded calls to their full extent, and discover business intelligence data that determines not only the immediate outcomes of calls, but that can also be used to correct adverse employee behavior, predict long-term trends, and used to set goals.

  • Use call evaluation to learn the outcome of calls, specific and overall ROI, and company performance.
  • Use call recovery to identify, correct, and prevent issues that are most likely to cause a call to not convert.
  • Use scorecards to prove your employees are following their scripts. You can also use scorecards to set parameters: What happens when they don't follow scripts? What happens when they do follow the script? What, specifically, are your customers actually talking about?

Here’s how it works: Imagine you’re an automobile dealer. With our business intelligence tools, you can identify what cars potential customers are inquiring about. You’ll learn if those calls lead to potential buyers in the showroom, how many of those visitors purchased cars, and how often a caller ended up driving a vehicle off the lot. With this information, you can make sure your marketing is targeted—so you’re not wasting money on ads for cars people aren’t interested in. You’ll also be able to plan inventory, and make sure you have the right number and type of vehicles in stock.

Legally protect your company with a recording archive.

Limit your liability and protect your business by implementing a recording archive of calls you can show in response to an audit, legal issue, or simply if you need it later to help defend prior decisions or actions.

If your company has internal or external regulations regarding how long (weeks, months, or years) certain types of conversations are supposed to be kept, our call recording archive will help you meet those compliance requirements. An archive can also help you show the actual prices discussed, list the services promised, and more. Should you ever need to use a call for legal purposes, you can easily access recordings to clarify any “he said/she said” issues, or to use evidence in a lawsuit.

Call recording tells you what’s happening on your calls. Now, do something about it.

Use call tracking to start placing unique tracking numbers on every piece of marketing, all of your websites, etc. This is a cost-effective way to help you answer two big questions: "Where are my calls coming from, and what is prompting customers to call in the first place?"

After you start tracking calls, you’ll realize how valuable those calls are. You’ll also realize that listening to every phone call to track what happened and how your employees are performing is important but takes too much time to do yourself. That’s where we come in. With call monitoring, we evaluate every one of your calls to give you a high level summary and to provide answers to important questions like:

  • "What's really happening with my customers?”
  • “How are my employees really performing?”
  • “How does the ROI of my marketing efforts actually look?"