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Recording Security

Don’t lie awake at night wondering if you’re exposing your customers to data breaches and security threats. Keeping your recorded calls secure is more than a good idea—in the wake of high-profile data breaches and software vulnerabilities, not taking a proactive role in ensuring your customers’ security and privacy can cost you their business. We offer two methods for call recording security: #Protect and Protect+.

#Protect—Your First Line Of Defense

Protect your customers’ privacy and your good name. This feature is your first line of defense in preventing the storage of sensitive customer information. With the touch of a button and without stopping or interrupting a call, your customers’ sensitive information is removed from recordings in compliance with government regulations and your industry's privacy standards.

How does #Protect work?

#Protect recording pausing is a simple solution with multiple applications. When your CSRs are ready to accept a type of compliance-sensitive information (like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or passcodes), they press the “#” (pound/hash) key on their phone. Your customer won't hear anything, but the signal informs our system to omit the next few seconds of the recording until the CSR presses the “#” key again.

Who is #Protect for?

If you take sensitive information over the phone—especially credit card numbers—#Protect is for you. For many of our customers, taking credit card numbers and other sensitive information over the phone is a necessary part of business. However, various regulations and compliance requirements, most notably the payment card industry (PCI) security standards, mandate that credit card information not be stored or that it be stored only in certain ways and for certain amounts of time.

#Protect helps you integrate this compliance into your day-to-day processes. By removing that sensitive information from your call recordings, your business will be compliant in not storing sensitive data—especially credit card numbers for PCI compliance.

Protect+—PCI Compliant Call Recording

Don’t wait until a security breach disrupts your business to prioritize compliance. Protect+ call scrubbing provides the next level of PCI compliance call recording to ensure security and privacy through automated voice analysis.

Does your company really need Protect+?

Absolutely. Chances are you’ve heard about the high-profile security breaches that have hit major retailers—among them Target, Home Depot, and Kmart—exposing the credit card numbers and financial information of millions of customers. The fallout from this kind of breach could ruin any company that retains and stores sensitive information.

In fact, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards, forbids companies from not only retaining authentication data in any format, but also storing sensitive data, including card validation codes and values, even if they’re encrypted. That means if you're storing non-compliant recorded call data, no matter how small or large your archive is, your organization may be in breach of compliance standards and face penalties or risk lawsuits.

With Protect+, you can remove that sensitive data without human interference and ensure your historical archives are accurate without breaching compliance standards. Otherwise, your organization risks financial penalties and an erosion of your customers' confidence.

How does Protect+ work?

Using voice analysis, Protect+ automatically reviews your business recordings, looking for numbers that match the pattern of credit card information. It then erases that part of the recording, all without any human interaction. When you use Protect+, we handle the tough part—finding credit card numbers and preventing their storage—which reduces your business's liabilities.

#Protect & Protect+: Setting The Standard In PCI Compliance

With #Protect and Protect+, you’ll get the layers of protection you need to ensure safe data and PCI compliant call recording. Here’s how you could use both products together: Let’s say your company needs to scrub credit card and other sensitive customer information. You can use Protect+ call scrubbing for removing credit card information and then use #Protect recording pausing to omit the other sensitive information, including social security numbers and passcodes.

Whatever your compliance situation, we can help. Contact one of our business development specialists to figure out the compliance measures that are right for you.