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Customer Contact

Connect with your customers to keep them moving through the customer lifecycle.

Why is it important to stay in touch with customers?

What’s the easiest way to find out how you’re doing?
Ask your customers! Phone surveys get the answers you need.

What is the most cost-effective audience for your marketing?
Your existing customers! Broadcast messaging keeps your high-value customers thinking about you.

How can you make contacting new prospects easy?
With one click! Outbound calls through Callcap make it easy for your sales reps to move through their prospect list one at a time with just one button.

Send surveys over the phone.

Get client feedback and find out if your team is leaving customers satisfied with automated surveys. These calls can be sent automatically to any set of phone numbers.

How does it work?

Your customers answer a set of questions or take a poll you’ve created in order to learn information about specific areas within your company. With the quantitative information you receive, along with the data from your recorded calls, you can make the changes necessary to improve your customer experience.

What can I do with Surveys?

You can implement surveys to get the scoop on how your company is really doing from a customer perspective, find out how your employees handled recent phone calls, learn what customers want from your company, and get feedback on new offerings or potential products.

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Send automated voice messages through our broadcast messaging system.

Automate your calls to make the most of your sales team’s time and promote accountability. Our broadcast messaging system can ring a list of numbers on a custom schedule to play your recorded message (often referred to as a "robo-dial”). At the end of the message, you can prompt your customer to press a button to be connected with an actual employee immediately. With automated voice messages, you can alert your customers to maintenance reminders, send personalized promotions and coupons, invite them to special events, and more. Stay on the good side of the Do Not Call registry by building lists of your opt-in customers and we keep track of opt-outs for you.

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Be seen where your customers are already looking with text message reminders.

Send reminders and offers over SMS text messages. Automate a workflow (such as "call me") with SMS response actions. There's never been a simpler and more cost-effective way to start a conversation with your customers.

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Optimize your outbound calling process.

Harness the benefits of call recording and call evaluation in your sales organization’s outgoing calls with outbound call tracking. This feature allows you to import a list of numbers into a queue, so with the click of a button your sales reps can be automatically connected to their new prospects.

With outbound call tracking:

  • Your sales reps can easily manage a list of prospects to call.
  • You can maintain accountability by requiring your reps to write notes about the outcome of each call.
  • You can use the Callcap interface to easily see how your sales reps are doing.

Since outbound calls are in the Callcap system, you get the same ease of use and features you get with your favorite inbound tools. As always, your call recordings are stored safely and are easily accessible from anywhere.

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Customer contact isn’t an end to the customer lifecycle, it’s another beginning.

The best part about customer contact? You’ll keep getting information that can help you grow and develop your business with every single call. When you use customer contact features, you’ll earn new customers, which will in turn lead to callbacks through your Callcap phone numbers. With every trip through the lifecycle, Callcap’s solutions help you track and optimize your advertising budget, guarantee your customer experience, and continue to make decisions that lead to a leaner budget and a greater ROI for your company.

See how customer contact can restart the customer lifecycle.