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Broadcast Messaging

Keep your business in the minds of existing customers.

Grow your business with the customers you already have.

Broadcast messaging is a fast and effective way to promote your specials and announcements to existing customers. These are people that already have history and purchases with you, and if they’ve opted-in to your phone messaging list you know they are open to hearing your message.

  • See response rates higher than anything in acquisition marketing.
  • Even a small increase in customer retention can lead to a large increase in profitability.
  • Save money with relationship marketing by relying less on the large investments new customers require.

Remind club members of your value.

If you have any sort of loyalty program or service membership plan, you know how much “customer churn” affects your bottom line. How many people cancel their plan because they “never used it” or they “didn’t get their money's worth”? Sending useful messages to your members reminds them of your business and the value your membership provides. Voice messages can help ensure that when it’s time to renew, your customers choose “Yes.”

  • Remind home service plan subscribers of their seasonal tune-ups. We even make it easy for them to directly connect with you to schedule the appointment.
  • Alert members when a special discount is expiring so they can use it before it’s too late.
  • Invite members to special “members-only” events.

How it works.

  1. Decide what message should reach your customers.
  2. Load your list of existing customers who’ve given you permission to contact them.
  3. Schedule convenient times and days for the voice message to go out. Your customers can press a button to be connected with your business after the message plays; so be sure to schedule the broadcast when you have employees ready to answer the phone.
  4. Check up on your broadcast as it runs and when it completes to see which customers are answering, unsubscribing, or connecting through to your business. Be sure to update your customer records with any unsubscribes.

Even a technology like “robo-dialing” can be put to good use when you put the customer first. Connecting with customers using relevant voice messages keeps them engaged and primed to continue the customer lifecycle with your company.

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Posted February 15, 2018 on our Blog