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Outbound Calls

Track and record outbound sales calls to get the full story.

Managing an outbound sales team made easy.

  • Each sales rep can easily drop-in the day’s call list and go through them one at a time. No more updating customer lists on notepads.
  • See notes about the phone call directly from the sales rep in the moment.
  • Monitor quotas and performance for all sales reps in one spot.

Outbound calls join your workflow alongside your inbound calls.

Whether calling new prospect lists or current customers, you need to make sure every call is being recorded and checked. When you use Callcap, this happens seamlessly and with no cumbersome hardware to manage. Listen to outbound call recordings in the same place as your inbound calls and get all the same reports and features as your inbound lines.

  • Get third party verification of your sales team calls to prospects, and see your best performers.
  • Recover a lost prospect by calling them back with a better solution or offer before a competitor calls.
  • Access to other features you may already use: In-depth reporting, exports, email reports, and more!