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Customer Recovery can pay for itself.

By calling back lost opportunities you can flip a loss to a win and recover extra revenue. For many of our customers, the revenue they recover each month is more than their monthly bill from Callcap.

See for yourself!

Plug in your own numbers below, and see how much you can save. Don't know these numbers? We can get you started with call analytics and lead source scoring.

Call monitoring boost
Typically we see a 15% boost in conversions when your employees know their conversations are being recorded and graded.


Additional revenue from call monitoring boost
When your employees handle their calls better, you see a bump in revenue. The number of customers lost to avoidable mistakes declines.


Additional revenue from winning back customers
Each customer that you call back and change from a loss to a win is extra revenue. This is money that would have ended up with a competitor but you brought it back.


Total revenue boost
Without Callcap, this is the money that you are currently losing. We'll help you get it back. If this is more than your Callcap bill (and it usually is by far), then Callcap is free.