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What does the Callcap ecosystem mean for your company?

Let’s follow a complete customer lifecycle for Sunnyside Landscape that’s been enhanced by Callcap.

Sunnyside Landscape, a mid-sized landscape company, is launching a new radio ad targeted at the drive-home commuters in Austin, Texas. They want to promote their new lighting installation service and want to offer a special tree uplighting package that would only run for this ad.

Setup is Simple

Since they’re a Callcap customer, they simply add one new phone number to their existing account. It takes about 1 minute and a few clicks, and they are ready to go. If only every part of their marketing campaign was that easy. In their radio ad, they simply use their new Callcap number in their call to action.

Now, when anyone calls in response to their radio ad, the call will simply forward to their company phone, where their sales team will hear a “whisper” message of what marketing the caller is responding to. So, when the sales team answers the phone, they say, “Thanks for calling Sunnyside Landscape. How can I answer your lighting questions today?” Instantly the customers feel a connection because they are on the same wavelength as the sales agent. It is magical.

The First Calls

Once the ad airs, the phone will start ringing with customer response. Sally, the marketing director for Sunnyside Landscape, will be able to log in to Callcap and see the statistics of how it is going.

Every time a call comes in, Callcap records the call, and attaches it to the call detail report which can easily be shared with those in the company who could benefit.

But, Callcap does more than just record the call. Within moments of the call being placed, a trained Call Analyst listens to the call. If the customer signs up for the package that is advertised, the call is marked as Positive ✔, and is available for further listening later.

But, here’s where Sunnyside Landscape really benefits from Callcap. When a caller chooses not to purchase the package, Callcap marks the call as Negative ✘ along with a brief analysis of why the caller didn’t go through with signing up.

Saving the Sale

As soon as the call is marked Negative ✘, the sales manager for Sunnyside Landscape receives an email notifying her of the negative call and a link to more information including the caller info. With a click of the link, the sales manager calls the customer back, removing the obstacles that kept the customer from signing up for the lighting package, and they gain a new customer.

Sunnyside Landscape assigns a dollar value to each of the uplighting packages they sell, so in Callcap, they can clearly see the amount of revenue their ad campaign generates. Plus, they can see how much revenue they recover by resolving the issues and objections of customers who don’t purchase on their first call.

Finding New Opportunities

Once the campaign is over, Sally has the opportunity to listen to the calls to see what kinds of questions were being asked by the customers. With that information she can create a list of questions that she heard. Using this list, she can meet with her marketing team and they can formulate the next round of advertising, and coordinate with their web team to create messaging that addresses those real customer questions.

Also, Sunnyside Landscape can schedule phone surveys to go out to customers who have signed up to get their reaction to their Landscaping service. Once the customer completes the survey, they will have a chance to talk with a customer service representative. All of these calls are recorded and are available on the Callcap dashboard.

Rinse and Repeat

As a follow up to the campaign, Sunnyside Landscape can send out an automated message to all their customers who purchased that uplighting package to offer them a special offer of additional lighting. When users hear the message and press a number to speak with a customer service representative, those calls will be tracked and recorded in the same way. And the cycle begins again.