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Call Forwarding

Maintain control over your appearance, your phone numbers, and your customer list.

Make sure your customers always connect to your business with Remote Call Forwarding.

With Remote Call Forwarding, you have control over who answers your phone calls. Your Callcap number can be managed remotely online. If you need to make call forwarding changes, they happen immediately. When you need to, you can repoint your numbers in case of emergencies (such as your phones being down), to change answering employees, or to transition call volume to a new location.

Imagine your sales team uses our unique numbers for each member of sales. If a sales team member was to leave the company, that Callcap number could simply be pointed to a new salesperson's desk or cell phone. It’s a simple solution that preserves your customer list and keeps rogue employees from taking your business with them when they leave.

Look like a local with Market Expansion Lines.

Help your business phone numbers appear local to regions you serve—even if you’re not located down the street—with Market Expansion Lines. You can choose a number in any market with its own area code, even if that number dials to a central answering location outside of the area. This allows you to have a local presence to your customers while providing consistent phone experiences with a trained team. Market Expansion Lines give your customers the assurance that your business is catering specifically to their area, encouraging them to spend their money with a company that cares.