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How does Click-To-Call work?

Click-To-Call allows you to put a small button on your website that enables your customers to call you directly from the page. It’s an easy solution that makes a big impact on a customer’s experience on your website.

Once you place the provided Click-to-Call JavaScript code into your website, here’s how it works for your visitors:

  • Your visitor will type their phone number into an input field.
  • Your visitor clicks the “Call Me” button.
  • Our servers dial the visitor’s number and then dial your destination phone number.
  • We connect you and your customer together as if the customer called you directly.

Here are several ways Click-To-Call can improve your customers’ online experiences and increase your customer base:

  • Instead of forcing callers to wait or take extra steps to reach you, Click-To-Call gives them instant, direct connection to an agent. Your customers don’t have to leave the page they’re interested in on your site to reach your agents and get answers. They can move from interest to inquiry at the speed of thought, so you never have to worry about losing customers to misdialed numbers or distraction again.
  • Your customer can immediately reach out to you to buy something, answer questions, resolve a problem, or get extra information. Your call-takers can even act as a guide to help customers with website or product questions in real time.
  • According to one study, Click-to-Call solutions positively impact sales, increase conversion rates, and order value compared to “regular” transactions. Click-to-call conversion rates can be as high as 50% (that’s nearly 30% higher than with Click to Chat). Similarly, compared to click-to-chat, click-to-call solutions result in more offline transactions, and potentially more brick-and-mortar sales. Click-to-Call is also less expensive to implement than services like click-to-chat, which requires more capital and training. *
  • Click-to-Call “can be used in self-service/administrative areas to reduce support costs by deflecting more costly traditional phone calls to more cost-effective channels.” This helps your organization save money by reducing the average volume of calls that don’t result in a sale, and it improves the duration of customer calls.*
  • Prevent customers from leaving their purchases in their shopping carts with Click-to-Call. This solution gives your customers a chance to reach out to you before they leave due to a technical or website issue, so you can work through the problem with them and make sure they follow through with their transaction.*

*Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Click-to-Call And Click to Chat

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Posted February 15, 2018 on our Blog