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Number Features

Callcap phone numbers aren’t like simple numbers from the phone company. You need professional phone numbers with professional features and options. Here’s what we provide.

Know a call’s source before you even speak with call whispers.

Call whispers are recorded lead source announcements that play only to your employees when they answer a call. With a quick recording, your employees will know what caused a customer to call. This could be the name of a specific ad, your website, or even a current special offer. By knowing where the call came from and why the caller is calling, your employees can personalize their conversations and focus the discussion.

Welcome customers the right way with custom greetings and disclaimers.

If regulations in your state require notification of a call being recorded for quality assurance purposes, we can take the burden off of you and your employees by playing a prerecorded disclaimer. You can even customize a recording to meet this requirement as well as greet your callers in a pleasant and company-specific manner. We’ll work with you to use your own recorded message or we can get your message recorded by professional voice talent.

  • Welcome callers with a customized greeting to let them know they’re at the right place.
  • Save time and effort by reducing the amount of “wrong numbers” that your employees have to deal with.
  • Remind callers about a current special offer.

Other features and technical options

  • Set up a phone number as a voicemail box and get your voicemail recordings in Callcap.
  • DTMF capture and reporting to see IVR options or other keypad inputs.
  • DTMF protection to prevent PBX war-dialing.
  • Built-in carrier and routing redundancy on termination numbers to make sure your calls make it to you even if there is a problem in between.
  • Customizable carrier timeouts in case you have a slow to pick up PBX or voicemail.