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Number Routing

Route your callers to the right people at the right time, so you never miss an opportunity.

Direct your callers to the right people with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Whether you need help handling large numbers of calls or you simply want an easy way to direct callers to the appropriate department, you can customize an interactive phone menu to make it easy for your customers to reach the right people.

Schedule phones to ring at the right time with Time of Day Routing.

Time of Day Routing, or Call Scheduling, allows you to forward your Callcap phone numbers anywhere, depending on the day of the week and the time of day. This ensures your callers are connected to someone who can help them, regardless of your schedule.

  • Distribute calls to multiple locations in different time zones across the country at the times that work best for them.
  • Schedule calls to route to your after-hours answering service every day after you close and the weekends.
  • Send calls to your cell phone over the lunch hour to work on the go.

Automate regional call distribution with area code routing.

Area code routing automatically redirects your customer phone calls to the numbers you choose based on the caller's area code. All calls from a specific region route directly to the salesperson or location assigned to that area—immediately.

Keep it local with ZIP code routing.

ZIP code routing asks your caller to enter their ZIP code and then routes the call to its destination based on your settings. This precise method connects your customers to the location or salesperson that is physically nearest to them.

Disperse your calls evenly with Round-Robin Distribution.

Ensure that your incoming calls are distributed evenly among your team with a round-robin ring group. Or, if you are testing a new hire, you can establish limits on your Round-Robin Distribution to make sure that your new employee doesn’t receive more than a certain percentage of call traffic.

Never miss a call with Follow Me.

If you and your employees are on the go frequently and have multiple telephone numbers, it’s inconvenient for a customer to call your desk phone while you’re away. Follow Me routing eliminates the hassle of being mobile. Anytime a customer calls your Callcap phone number, we will dial every number on your Follow Me list of phone numbers, in order, until someone answers.